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May 11th 2024 Denver, CO 10am to 6pm
Hilton Garden Inn - Denver Union Station
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VC Job Fair connects Top-Tier Talent with Venture Funded Startups, catalyzing innovation.
May 11th 2024 • Denver, CO • 10am to 6pm
Proudly Supported by Local Community Partners

Join us at the VC Job Fair in Denver on May 11th 2024 to embark on a thrilling journey with Colorado's trailblazing venture-backed startups, where your career transforms into an impactful adventure.

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Colorado Venture Firms

48-Hour Blind Bidding Begins November 14th at 2pm (MST)

Colorado Venture Firms - Do you want a chance to hedge your bet and help your businesses fill vacancies to maximize your earn potential?

Only 6 Venture Firms will have a chance to have their companies represented.

Frequently Asked Questions

Attendee FAQ

Why Should I Attend the VC Job Fair?

Discover the Future! The VC Job Fair is your golden ticket to career opportunities that are out of this world. We're bringing together the crème de la crème of Colorado's tech scene – venture-backed startups! These are the game-changers, the disruptors, and the innovators. By attending, you're opening doors to a future where you can be part of something truly groundbreaking, where your skills and ambitions align with companies that are backed by visionary investors. This is where careers take off and dreams become reality.

Who Are the Companies Participating?

Trailblazers in the Making! Every company featured at the VC Job Fair is a venture-backed gem. These are not just any businesses; they are the ones making waves in the startup galaxy. Expect a diverse mix of industries, from fintech to biotech, all sharing one thing in common – a commitment to innovation and growth. Prepare to meet the companies whose missions align with your aspirations, and who are investing in their futures as much as they're investing in yours.

What Kind of Roles Are Available?

Endless Possibilities! Venture-backed startups are on the fast track to success, and they need top-notch talent to get there. At the VC Job Fair, you'll find an array of roles spanning engineering, marketing, operations, and beyond. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting your journey, there's a place for you here. These roles aren't just jobs; they're opportunities to help shape the future.

What Can I Expect from the Panel Discussions?

Wisdom from Titans! Our panel discussions are your window into the minds of the startup and venture capital world's titans. Venture capital groups and the startups they've funded will share insights, lessons, and strategies for success. It's your chance to gain firsthand knowledge from the best in the business, giving you a competitive edge in your career journey.

How Do the Breakout Sessions Benefit Me?

Master the Startup Realm! Breakout sessions are your backstage pass to understanding the dynamics of working with venture-backed startups. From scaling strategies to agile problem-solving, these sessions offer a deep dive into the startup ecosystem. Gain the skills and insights that will make you invaluable to these dynamic companies.

Tell Me About the Pitch Competition!

Shine Like a Star! The VC Job Fair Pitch Competition is your moment to shine. It's a platform to showcase your ideas, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit. Stand before a distinguished panel, and you could win opportunities, mentorship, and recognition that will catapult your career. It's not just a competition; it's your chance to leave an indelible mark on the future.

VC Pitch Event
Pitch your business to a panel of presenting VC's!
If your business is seeking venture capital, register to pitch.

Sponsor FAQ

48-Hour Blind Bidding Begins December 12th at 2pm (MST)

Why Should My Company Become a VC Job Fair Sponsor?

Elevate Your Brand! By becoming a sponsor of the VC Job Fair, you're aligning your brand with the future of tech and innovation. Our attendees are uniquely qualified, representing a talent pool of high-tech professionals eager to dive into the world of venture-backed startups. As a sponsor, you gain exclusive access to this exceptional talent, positioning your company as a leading player in the tech ecosystem.

How Can Sponsors Make the Most of the Event?

Network, Network, Network! Networking is the name of the game at the VC Job Fair. Sponsors have the chance to engage with attendees, introduce their company culture, and spark meaningful connections. Take advantage of this unique environment to forge relationships that can lead to partnerships, investments, and exceptional hires.

What Makes Job Seekers at the VC Job Fair Stand Out?

Elite Talent, Exceptional Opportunities! The job seekers at the VC Job Fair are a breed apart. They're driven, tech-savvy individuals seeking roles in venture-backed startups where innovation knows no bounds. These are the future leaders who will take your company to new heights. They understand the startup culture, thrive in dynamic environments, and are ready to make an immediate impact. By sponsoring the event, you have the first pick of this exceptional talent pool, ensuring your team is staffed with the best and brightest.

What Special Perks Come with Sponsorship?

Exclusive Access! Sponsors gain access to a wealth of exclusive perks, from VIP lounges to private sessions with keynote speakers and panelists. These opportunities offer an inside track to the latest industry trends and insights, ensuring sponsors are always ahead of the curve.

What Exposure Can Sponsors Expect?

Prime Spotlight! As a sponsor of the VC Job Fair, you'll enjoy unparalleled exposure. Your brand will be front and center at an event that draws talent, investors, and industry leaders from across the region. From logo placements to exclusive networking opportunities, we ensure your company is in the spotlight, maximizing your reach and impact within the high-tech community.

How Does Sponsorship Impact Recruitment?

Boost Your Talent Pipeline! Sponsorship is a direct channel to building a robust talent pipeline. It's not just about the event day; it's about the long-term benefits. Your sponsored presence ensures your company is top-of-mind for attendees, making you their first choice when considering their next career move in the high-tech, venture-backed space.

Exhibitor FAQ

48-Hour Blind Bidding Begins December 5th at 2pm (MST)

Why Should Our Venture-Backed Business Exhibit at the VC Job Fair?

Global Spotlight on Your Vision! Exhibiting at the VC Job Fair offers your venture-backed business a golden opportunity to shine on a global stage. Beyond showcasing your exciting journey to top-tier talent, your investors will have the chance to host panel discussions, sharing your unique insights with an eager audience. This is your moment to capture the spotlight, attract top-notch talent, and amplify your impact in the tech world.

How Can We Maximize Our Exhibition Experience?

Step Into the Spotlight! Your exhibit booth is a canvas to paint your company's story. Use this platform to share your mission, culture, and the key roles you're looking to fill. Engage with a diverse talent pool eager to join venture-backed startups, and leverage the opportunity to connect with investors and industry leaders who can help propel your business to new heights.

How Can Our Investors Host Panel Discussions?

Showcase Your Expertise! As an exhibitor, your investors have the unique privilege of hosting panel discussions at the VC Job Fair. This is a chance to spotlight your startup's journey, share industry insights, and highlight your vision for the future. It's an unparalleled opportunity to establish thought leadership, connect with top talent, and make a lasting impact in the tech ecosystem.

What Exposure Can We Expect?

Visibility Beyond Measure! By exhibiting at the VC Job Fair, your venture-backed business gains exposure to a global audience. Your story, products, and the roles you're hiring for will be on display for thousands of attendees. This level of visibility is your ticket to attracting the right talent, forging strategic partnerships, and making a significant mark in the tech and startup community.

How Does This Benefit Our Recruitment Efforts?

Unmatched Talent Pool! The VC Job Fair offers a talent pool like no other. Attendees are actively seeking opportunities with venture-backed businesses, and your exhibit is the gateway to these exceptional individuals. You have the chance to engage with high-caliber candidates who are passionate about making a difference in a dynamic startup environment, ensuring you're filling key roles with the best and brightest.

How Can We Capitalize on the Global Reach?

Expand Your Horizons! Your exhibition at the VC Job Fair isn't just a local affair; it's a global stage. Leverage the event to expand your reach beyond borders, attracting talent, investors, and collaborators from around the world. This is your moment to showcase that your venture-backed business is not only thriving but actively shaping the future of tech on a global scale.

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