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Sponsorship Bidding Begins December 12th at 2pm

Are you ready to align your brand with the future of tech and innovation? The VC Job Fair is your gateway to an exclusive opportunity that sets you apart from the rest.

Why Become a Sponsor?

Stand Out From the Crowd:
At VC Job Fair, we're not just another job fair. We're where venture-backed startups meet the best and brightest talent. Do you want to be part of this groundbreaking event?

The Google Blind Bid Process:
We believe in fairness and transparency. Our innovative Google Blind Bid Process ensures that sponsorship spots are allocated based on real value. The highest bidder pays the second highest bid price, creating a fair market rate.

Variety of Sponsorship Packages:
Choose from a range of sponsorship packages tailored to your brand's goals. Do you want to engage with the startup and venture capital ecosystem like never before?

Grow Your Brand:
Leverage your sponsorship to grow your brand within the tech and innovation community. Be recognized as a leader and influencer in the venture capital world.

Join us at VC Job Fair and become a driving force in the future of tech and innovation. This is more than sponsorship; it's your chance to make a lasting impact. Are you ready to shine? 

Proudly Supported by Local Community Partners
Sponsorship Packages



starting bid

• Logo placement on website
1/8 Page Print Ad
• Swag table giveaways
• Free attendance



starting bid

• Everything in BASIC
• Retractable Banner Placement
• 1/2 Page Print Ad
• Speaker Session Sponsor



starting bid

• Everything in SILVER
Step & Repeat Banner
• Full Page Print Ad
• Speaker Session Moderator

📞(720) 643-1999

At the VC Job Fair, we believe in equality and transparency, and that's why we've embraced the Google Blind Bid Process to determine sponsorship spots. This method ensures that every sponsor pays a fair market value, as the highest bidder will only pay the second highest bid price.

How Does the Google Blind Bid Process Work?

It all starts on December 12th at 2 PM (MST) when we kick off the process with an exhilarating live Zoom Q&A session. This session sets the stage for the next 48 hours, during which potential sponsors can submit multiple bids, fine-tuning their offers until they've created their final, compelling bid.

You have the choice of three sponsorship levels: "Gold," "Silver," or "Basic." Select the one that aligns with your brand's aspirations and goals.

Why This Matters?

The Google Blind Bid Process is designed to create a level playing field, ensuring that every sponsor, big or small, has an equal opportunity to secure their desired sponsorship spot. It's about empowering your brand to make a meaningful impact in the tech and innovation world.

On December 14th at 2 PM (MST), the blind bidding window will close, and we'll issue invoices to the winning sponsorship companies on December 15th. These invoices must be settled within 21 days to secure your sponsorship spot. If, for any reason, a sponsor cannot fulfill their commitment, the sponsorship will transfer to the next highest bidder, guaranteeing that the opportunity goes to those fully dedicated to supporting the future of tech and innovation.

This is not just about sponsorship; it's about becoming a driving force in shaping the future of the startup and venture capital ecosystem. Are you ready to make your mark and inspire innovation?

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