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VC Pitch Event
Get your company in front of 6 Venture Capital Firms
Must be in revenue and ready for venture capital investment

Are you ready to take your startup to the next level and showcase it in front of the biggest names in venture capital?

Why Pitch at VC Job Fair?

Unparalleled Experience
Ever imagined presenting your business to a room filled with visionary venture capitalists? This is your chance to shine on a prestigious stage.

Quality Feedback
What's more valuable than investment? Insightful feedback! Get 15 minutes of priceless feedback from our Venture Capital Panel to fine-tune your pitch.

Pitch Format

7 minutes:
Present your business with slide decks that captivate and inspire.

15 minutes:
Receive feedback from the Venture Capital Panel - a chance to refine your pitch and strategy.

Are You Ready to Elevate Your Startup's Game?

This pitch event isn't about money; it's about opportunity! It's for startups that are venture capital-ready, with at least an angel round, pre-seed, or seed investment under their belt. We're featuring only four companies, so the competition is fierce!

Don't miss this chance to shine and gain valuable insights. Are you up for the challenge?

What to expect.

Step 1

Apply Online
Deadline: March 20

Event Type:
Form Submission

Step 2

Virtual Semi Finals
April 24th 1-5pm

Event Type:
7-Minute Virtual Pitch 

Step 3

In-Person Finals
May 25th at 5pm

Event Type:
7-Minute LIVE Pitch

Let the competition begin!
Fill out the form below to submit your Online Pitch. We will review each pitch and then notify the semi-finalists that they are moving on to the next round. 

We will see the winners in Denver Colorado on May
11th, 2024!
Contact information:
Lets learn about your company...
Have you received Angel Invesment?
Have you received a pre-seed investment?
Have you received a seed round investment?
Should you be selected for the next rounds, will you be able to do the following:
Attend the Virtual Pitch Event on April 10, 2024 from 1-5pm
Attend the in-person final pitch event in Denver, CO on May 11th, 2024
Next Steps...
If you and your company are chosen to move into the semi-finals, you will be notified via email along with an RSVP link to the virtual semi-finals. You must attend the virtual semi-finals event to qualify for the final pitch event. 

If selected to pitch at the in-person final event, you must make all travel arrangements and/or accommodations. VC Job Fair or it's affiliates are not responsible for any travel or expenses associated with your involvement in the final pitch event.
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