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For Venture Capital Firms
48-Hour Blind Bidding Begins November 14th at 2pm (MST)
Only 6 VC's will be represented. Will your companies be featured?

Are you ready to propel your portfolio companies to new heights and shape the future of tech recruitment? The VC Job Fair is your extraordinary opportunity to make it happen.

Why Become a Headlining Sponsor?

Why Secure a Spot?

By securing a spot, you're empowering your portfolio to access a vast pool of top talent, filling pivotal roles that are crucial to their growth. It's a chance to demonstrate your commitment to their success and amplify their reach. Imagine the impact of your funded companies being showcased at a global job fair.

Host and Participate
As a headlining sponsor, you have the privilege of hosting and participating in panel discussions and breakout sessions. Share your investment criteria, unveil industry trends, and shine a light on your portfolio companies' innovations. It's an opportunity to guide the conversation and be recognized as a leader in the venture capital world.

Pioneer Change
In a sea of job fairs, VC Job Fair stands tall as a unique platform. Here's the difference: it exclusively features venture-backed startups. Do you want your portfolio companies to be part of an event that attracts top-tier talent eager to join high-growth ventures?

The Google Blind Bid Process
We believe in fairness and autonomy. That's why we use the Google Blind Bid Process to determine which VC firms secure the chance to invite their portfolio companies to bid on floor space. It's a system that respects your judgment and gives your startups the freedom to choose.

Shape the Future
By bringing your funded companies to the VC Job Fair, you're not just shaping their future; you're influencing the future of tech and innovation. You're creating connections, sparking innovation, and fostering talent.

Join us at VC Job Fair and witness your portfolio companies rise to new heights. It's not just about securing a spot; it's about igniting a future of limitless possibilities. Are you ready to lead the way?

48-Hour Blind Bidding Begins November 14th at 2pm (MST)
Only 6 VC's will be represented. Will your companies be featured?
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VC Sponsorship Packages



starting bid

Everything in GOLD
• (2) Venture Backed Company Placements on Job Fair Floor
• Retractable Banner Placement
• (2) Speaker Sessions



starting bid

• Everything in PLATINUM
• (4) Venture Backed Company Placements on Job Fair Floor
• Center Fold - 2-Page Print Ad
• (4) Speaker Sessions

📞(720) 643-1999

At the VC Job Fair, we believe in transparency, fairness, and the power of choice. That's why we've adopted the Google Blind Bid Process to determine which venture capital firms will secure a spot as Platinum Sponsors and the coveted opportunity to showcase their portfolio companies on the job fair floor.

How Does the Google Blind Bid Process Work?

The process kicks off on November 14th at 2 PM (MST) with a thrilling live Zoom Q&A session that sets the stage for an electrifying 48 hours of blind bidding. During this time frame, venture capitalists have the freedom to submit multiple bids, each representing their eagerness to support their portfolio companies and participate as a Platinum Sponsor. Here's the twist that ensures fairness: the highest bidder will only pay the second-highest bid price. This ensures a true market value for the sponsorship spot, offering every VC a fair chance to secure their desired position.

Bidding will remain open until November 1
6th at 2 PM (MST), during which time VC firms can fine-tune their bids, adjusting their offers as they see fit.

Why Does This Matter?

This process empowers venture capitalists to decide the value they place on representing their portfolio companies at the VC Job Fair. It ensures that sponsorship spots are allocated fairly based on their perceived worth and the commitment to their startups' success.

After the blind bidding concludes on November 15
th, we'll issue invoices to the six winning venture capital firms. These invoices must be settled within 21 days to secure their sponsorship spot. If a VC firm fails to pay within this timeframe, the spot will transfer to the next highest bidder, ensuring that the opportunity to showcase portfolio companies goes to those who are fully committed to making an impact.

The VC Job Fair is not just an event; it's a platform where dreams are realized, innovations are showcased, and the future of tech is shaped. We invite you to embrace this process as an opportunity to lead, inspire, and empower the next generation of tech pioneers. Are you ready to make your mark?

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